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Dear Friend,

The fact that you’re on this page now, tells me that you have been confused about where to park your car when you are leaving for a trip from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Relax, you have come to the right place.

I decided to put together based on my experiences  a list of my favorite place to park when I travel. It is a pretty short list, it is only 3 places. There is no charge for this, and this is only my personal opinion.

I travel, you travel,here are the places I like in the order I like them.


Blue Sky Parking

This is my new favorite place to park when I travel. They have only been open since Dec of 2010. I like the fact that everything is clean and brand new.

I come in from the East Valley, it is so easy to get to and the ride to the terminal seems like just a few minutes. Actually I timed it last time, it was like 5 minutes. I’m talking real fast!

The drivers are friendly they always grab my bags.

Blue Sky is where I park.


The Parking Spot

I parked here pretty much all the time before Blue Sky opened it’s doors. They treated me well, and the drivers were friendly. The ride to the airport terminal was a bit long.


Pre Flight Parking

I can’t really say anything bad about this place, except coming from the East Valley it is a bit hard to get to. The trip to the airport is not “real fast”

“Have a great Trip!”

I hope that this site has helped you find the Best Phoenix Airport Parking.

If you like the site, please tell your friends, parking at Sky Harbor is expensive and a real pain. If this site saved you from the hassle of parking there, then I did good.

- The Parking Guy